leave it to me

by the grady wilson project

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tracks 1-7 recorded november 2, 2013, in bound brook, new jersey. three microphones, one guitar, one voice.


released December 22, 2013

all songs ©2013 the grady wilson project. recorded/produced by viking sound productions.



all rights reserved


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the grady wilson project Brooklyn, New York

the grady wilson project is a collection of music written and performed by stevencollins

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Track Name: e.p. cumulative
tell me about who went where and how and why would they move at all. maybe some get away for good. maybe some get away only to forget. about the state you're in now, is it better safe than sound? what i meant to say, we weren't meant to say.
Track Name: different colors
you're bound to get busted if you bite on the bait hiding the hook. girls are out and hotter than summer. don't forget what your mother said about lures. the different colors and different kinds were all designed just to reel you in. every now and then it'll come and it'll go. a story another told me.
Track Name: tears of a town
creeping around town trying to keep up with what's going down. i won't want you around when i can, i'll want you around when i can't, have you. have you ever? hurt.
Track Name: bitter ending
as far as i know, i trust as far as i throw. so catch me if you can and meet me way back when better ways and better days were just around the bend. right on where we left off. like we never left, like we're never gonna leave again. shake it for what it's worth. just a little bit is all you'll get. we ain't what we once was. we're just a little bitter, just because.
Track Name: petty choice
time has two hands that you can't hold. but tells you you're getting old. by the minute, by the second, and by the way it catches up to you and keeps you down. it must be heard so taste the sound. was it something i said? was it something i did? is it something i dare never do ever again? get to the point.
Track Name: in and out of style
can i get a hello or a good buy? if i let you wear me out, can you bring me back in style? can i get a hello or a good lie? will, will you remember me, like our eighties old memories? a little change from common sense, never give up a second chance. if you let me wear you out, i promise to bring you back in style. one day you're in, one day you're out.
Track Name: near and dear
leave it to me to give you up, to let you down, to make you cry, to wave goodbye and to tell that lie. leave this to me to build you up, until every blows. leave it to me and i'll believe anything at all, i'll believe anything you want, and i'll be leaving any when you want. leave this to me.
Track Name: love your hideaway
if by some off chance, all you hear hit or miss.
if by some off chance, things i throw fall fast.
if by some off chance, seems worse for what we wear.

all i said was all that i said,
all i did was all that i did,
all it takes is all that it takes,
to make this one left to leave.

where do we go now
miles and miles
Track Name: one last thing before i quit
whether it's day or night.
tell her what you say all the time.

whether it's rain or shine.
forever we may just might.

i know - why know why?

there’s something about you, that i came to
and i can’t lose something about you
the one thing about you
i thought i knew.